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Use of Proceeds During COVID-19

March 31, 2020

To All OCGA Members:

We recognize that these are unprecedented times and that many organizations will be looking at how to survive the current uncertain environment. We are very concerned that our charities and non-profits are able to weather these difficult months and be in place to provide badly needed services and programs when the country reopens.

There are a number of government initiatives (including salary subsidies and municipal assistance) to provide supports to charities/non-profits. Some organizations may be eligible for these supports.

OCGA is currently investigating the details regarding eligibility and the application processes and will sending out communications on these once details are available. OCGA staff are available to answer questions and provide support during this difficult time.

For cGaming Charities / Non-Profits

We have had discussions with our partners at OLG about the need for greater flexibility regarding use of cGaming proceeds on a temporary basis during these difficult times. Your municipality will assess special requests on a case-by-case basis.

If your organization is having difficulty covering some administrative expenses necessary to maintain your operation, a request for flexibility may be made to your municipality.

If your organization is in a position of having surplus funds that cannot be used at the current time due to no service/programs being delivered, there may be flexibility in allowing donations to other critical services in your community (e.g. food banks, hospitals, shelters, senior supports, etc.).

Service Clubs may wish to request increasing or changing donations.

OLG has been in communication with your municipality regarding flexibility for the use of proceeds on a temporary basis. Please reach out to your municipality for approvals on special needs.

For Licensees Under AGCO

For provincial licensees, the AGCO has indicated that it will consider special situations on a case-by-case basis. If your license is from your municipality, please contact them regarding any requests.

Questions? Please call:

Lynn Cassidy

Executive Director, OCGA

905-824-5478 or 1-877-716-7222

Richard Schwar Field Coordinator, OCGA



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