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The Hope Centre Supports Vulnerable Members of the Community

Since 1974, The Hope Centre has helped to build and strengthen Welland by supporting the most vulnerable in the community with food security, housing stability and wellness programs. Its mission is to assist, support, empower and advocate for the most vulnerable members of the community.

The Hope Centre offers a wide range of services that help individuals and families in Welland that are facing challenges related to poverty including mental health, addictions, food insecurity and housing instability.


Recently, an older couple went to The Hope Centre to receive assistance with an application for the Ontario Electricity Support program. During their conversation with a Community Coach, they mentioned that with their combined pensions they could still not afford all their necessities. Rent and utilities took most of their income, and they had to decide between many things, but mainly food and medication. They were very grateful that they could access The Hope Centre's food bank, which provides them with a few days of food each month.


The Hope Centre helps families meet their basic needs by providing access to emergency food and personal care items. Thanks to the funds raised at Delta Gaming Centre Welland, The Hope Centre is able to sustain its food security programs.


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