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The Canadian Children's Opera Company Benefits from cGaming

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

The Canadian Children’s Opera Company (CCOC) is new to bingo. After five short months of raising funds at Rama Gaming House – Toronto East, they were impacted by the centre closure due to COVID-19. The funds raised have helped the CCOC pivot their programming online. As a small performing arts organization, the lockdown has had some serious consequences not only for the organization and its financial stability but also for its young artists. To keep choristers engaged, CCOC decided to try some new programming. In addition to their regular weekly voice rehearsals, CCOC has started special workshops inviting guest artists to teach kids online. CCOC was elated when the Principle Chorus prepared a virtual piece! They had been rehearsing this song for a spring performance that never happened. So, they did the next best thing! Here is a link to a video put together by the Principle Chorus. CCOC hopes you all enjoy it too!


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