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Over 400 Million Raised for Charities and Non-Profits

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Charities and non-profits volunteering at our 37 cGaming Centres have now raised over $400 Million for programs and services in communities across Ontario. The impact of these funds is immeasurable. This is an amazing milestone for Ontario communities! We are projecting nearly $70 Million for this year to support groups such as food banks, mental health services, health care agencies, service clubs, family violence shelters, housing supports, after-school programs, youth sports, and arts and culture organizations. Over 2,000 charitable organizations and approximately 28,000 volunteers along with our commercial operators make this fundraising possible. Thank you to all of the people on the frontlines that do much of the heavy lifting; the volunteers that deliver the charitable programs, and the staff and management at the charitable gaming centres for helping to generate these important revenues. A special thanks as well to our partners - Ontario Lottery and Gaming and our municipalities for their important roles. Congratulations to everyone and we look forward to a very promising 2023!

We are looking for new charities and non-profits to join the cGaming initiative in many communities across Ontario. If you know of any charities or non-profits in your local community looking for a sustainable and on-going fundraising opportunity, please have them reach out to OCGA by sending an email to Patricia Petrolo.


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