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More to a Person's Story - Our Livable Solutions' Cabin Community

When you see an encampment or person trudging along with all of their belongings, remember, there's always more to the person's story. And there's always a future full of opportunity given the right supports and encouragement.


A resident who joined Our Livable Solutions' Cabin Community in November 2023, was living on a mat under shredded plastic when he was first discovered. Two years later, after taking the time to build trust and confidence, he asked if he could join the community and was placed in a cabin.

This person was a hockey dad, heavy equipment operator, oil field worker. Life didn't go as planned. One of the things he likes about his cabin is that he can set it up however he likes, to make himself comfortable. He says it's the first time in his life he has had total control over his living space. Aside from the basics provided him with, everything else he has found or purchased. He pays his rent and buys his food with money he earns collecting cans and bottles, he very rarely accepts donations. Wanting to maintain his independence as much as possible, he will not accept social service income. Wanting to get back to work, he is saving money to get his driver's licence back.


Our Livable Solutions Cabin Community raises funds at Play! Gaming & Entertainment in Kingston. 

These photos show the before and after living conditions of the individual helped by Our Livable Solutions Cabin Community.


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