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Charitable Gaming Requirements for Participating Organizations

  • completing training programs designated and developed by OCGA related to charity roles and responsibilities, policies and standards, and ensuring all bona fide volunteers attending assignments, participate in the required training programs

  • ensuring compliance with all permit requirements, including any terms and conditions relating to use of proceeds, including ensuring financial reports outlining the receipt and use of proceeds are kept up-to-date with the municipality

  • ensuring they hold a valid permit when participating in charity assignments

  • keep required contact information up-to-date with the CGCA (Charitable Gaming Centre Association)

  • provide at least two (2) trained bona fide volunteers to attend each of their assignments

  • ensure that each bona fide member sign-in the designated logbook

  • ensure that bona fide member information is kept up-to-date with the CGCA (Charitable Gaming Centre Association).

  • provide volunteers that do not carry out assignments for more than three charitable organizations participating in this initiative

  • participating in charity events and initiatives developed by the CGCA, OCGA, and OLG as required

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