About OCGA


The Ontario Charitable Gaming Association is a provincial association that represents the majority of charities and non-profits that raise funds through charitable gaming – Bingo, Electronic Bingo, Break Open Nevada Tickets, Raffles, and Social Gaming Events.

We work constructively with government at both the political and bureaucratic level and with other industry stakeholders.  We believe that positive, constructive relationships are essential to achieve change.  The OCGA is the association that represents the interests of charities and non-profits at the Strategic Working Group, an industry stakeholder group chaired by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.  This group is consulted on all major policy changes and decisions affecting the sector. 

Since 1998, we also have represented the interests of charities in our partnership with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming for products and technology to assist the charitable gaming industry.  We are a key partner in the electronic gaming initiative, providing training and support to participating charities.  In partnership with the bingo centre operator associations (CGAO, RGSO), OCGA is playing a prominent role in the industry’s coordinated strategy for more product and a full range of technology for Ontario bingo centres.  This lobby effort has involved being highly visible in many meetings with Cabinet Ministers, MPPs, and political staff, to ensure that the charity voice is heard, as well as preparing and distributing letters and briefing packages for politicians and bureaucrats that laid-out the urgent need.

We are proud of our accomplishments and have led the charge on major changes that have made a difference over the past several years.  The following are just a few of the successes:  developing options for charities and hall operators for many style progressive games; reducing the number of bona fide members required; greater flexibility for advertising and promotions; regulatory changes to the Break Open Ticket sector; leading the development of the original, detailed E-bingo case and lobbying successfully for political and OLG support and for the expansion in the Windsor marketplace; and, championing the need for comprehensive market research in both the bingo and Break Open Ticket sectors.  We continue to lead the way on so many fronts and most importantly, we actually make things happen.

We have been successful by building credible, detailed, and documented business cases.  We dedicate hours of staff time to existing working groups and planning bodies where we hash through issues with government official and industry partners.  We have identified a significant number of strategic and day-to-day priorities for the industry and will continue to dedicate staff resources to achieve these priorities.

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